Friday, April 18, 2014

Problems with Make-up

Problems with Make-up

Among the many problems with make-up are separation of liquid foundation with time, drying up of mascara, allergic reactions to make-up, and potential for bacterial contamination.

Bacterial contamination depends on both how the make-up is used and stored.  The humid bathroom is a site for many airborne bacteria and contamination potential is always on the fingers. Never put fingers into a jar of any kind of skin cream or make-up.  Pumps or squeezable tubes that minimize finger contact are preferable.  Wash applicators and brushes once a month.  Sponges of any kind, including loofahs, are a potential bacterial and fungal hazard.  If using a sponge, buy an inexpensive one and discard it weekly.

Replace mascara and liquid eyeliner every three months.  Liquid foundation and pressed-powder eye shadow or blush can be used for a year if the applicator tools, including brushes, are cleaned monthly.  Regularly, and particularly after an illness, dampen a tissue with alcohol and clean lipstick surfaces.  Eyebrow and eyeliner pencils can also be cleaned in this way and then sharpened.

Cosmetics, even hypoallergenic formulations, can be allergenic to sensitive women.  Puffy eyes, swollen face, peeling lips, itchy eyes, and itching and burning skin are all signs of an allergic reaction to make-up.

No one of any age should ever share make-up as infections can be spread in this way.  Teenagers are particularly tempted to share, and pink eye can be the result.