Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Are Hot Tubs Safe?

Hot tubs were once the rage and are still quite popular.  Sports medicine experts encourage athletes to soak in a hot tub to soothe aching muscles.  In general, all people enjoy the relaxation of warm water and water jets.  However, there are waterborne diseases that hot tubs may harbor.
Hot tub temperature is typically 104̊ F, which is not hot enough to kill the bacteria that cause “Hot Tub Rash.”  Public hot tubs are supposed to be monitored regularly for recirculation, filter cleanliness, and scrubbed surfaces.  Private hot tubs often do not get the maintenance they require.  People owning hot tubs should carefully follow the guidelines of the manufacturer or hire a maintenance company,

When the tub jets are off, the water should be clear and not murky.  Slimy edges may indicate a problem as does a strong odor.  If the water is clear and the tub has been properly maintained, there is little or no risk in contracting a disease from a hot tub.  Pregnant women should exercise caution as the fetus can be damaged by the heat.  Resist having a few alcoholic drinks in the tub  as temperature and alcohol can have a cumulative effect.  A clean and properly maintained tub, either public or private, can be a good soothing and relaxation experience.